Gyan Mudra


Would you like to take up meditation, but you are not sure where to begin?


You have heard that meditation can benefit your health and wellbeing and you have decided to try it. But with the numerous styles and techniques available you’re not sure where to begin …

LEARN TO MEDITATE (Level 1) course offers a perfect introduction to meditation. Step by step you will learn how to establish a daily routine and how to choose a technique that works best for you.

The course is dived into 6 sessions of approximately 45 min each and it covers:

  • understanding what mediation is and its benefits  

  • where, when and how long to mediate

  • finding your mediation posture  

  • choosing the mediation technique that suits you best 

  • breathing exercises, including how to use the breath to overcome distractions

  • asana practices specific to mediation

  • effects of lifestyle and diet on meditation

​At the end of the course you will learn the strong foundations which will allow you to set-up and progress in your meditation practice. ​The sessions are taught in small group so you will get the most benefit from the course. 

Course requirements: you will be asked to keep your personal meditation journal.

Location: the course is offered online 

Time:  private sessions are scheduled to fit your availability 

Cost: GBP 365/ EUR 415 ( incl. 6 individual session and course materials).


Please clique below and email me directly to book your place on the course